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What it is

Corporations make decisions that shape our world, and we cast our votes about how that world should look with our wallets every single day. But businesses aren’t always transparent about their ethics. Keeping track of which companies’ values are in sync with your own—and which are in direct conflict with the things you care about most—can feel like an insurmountable task.

That’s where we come in.

Nudge for Change provides backup for your moral compass by alerting you if you’re about to spend money in a way that doesn’t align with your core values, and instead nudging you toward alternatives you can feel good about supporting.

How it works

Install the app and calibrate Nudge’s moral compass with your own by swiping right or left to let us know know which issues matter most to you in categories like the environment, LGBTQ equality, equal pay for women, racial equality, workers’ rights, and boycotting the Trump family and administration. (This only takes a minute.)

We use a detailed ranking system to score all the businesses in our database on a scale of zero to ten in each value category, using data from credible, vetted sources.

If you walk into a business with a low score in one or more of the categories you care about, we’ll give you a quick heads up and alert you to better options nearby. Soon, all of our small purchases will add up to big change for a better world.

Our Mission

We’re a diverse group of people who share a common set of ideals. We believe in supporting racial equality, gender equality, and equal rights for the LGBTQ community. We believe in prioritizing environmental sustainability while bettering the lives of American workers.

We also believe it’s never been more important to firmly and effectively stand up for those values than it is right now.

We built Nudge for Change because we wanted a way to ensure that we weren’t inadvertently funding companies that act in direct opposition to the issues we care about—without having to do hours of research every time we needed to grab a bite to eat or run an errand.

We hope that once retailers start taking note of all our small nudges, we’ll be able to collectively give them one big push toward more ethical business choices. That way we can all nudge the world just a little bit closer to becoming a better place for all of us.

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Your Privacy

Your moral compass is your business; helping you see how your purchases might affect those values and protecting your privacy is our business. We take this responsibility very seriously, and believe in absolute transparency about how we use your data.

When you install the Nudge for Change mobile app, we collect any value preferences you choose to share with us, securely storing them locally to your device. When you have the app running, we utilize your location data so we can notify you when a nearby retailer does not match up to your beliefs. We do this by sending your values and location data to our servers to check for a potential mismatch. And rest assured – you can always turn off nudge notifications for a specific business or location within the app.

You’ll notice that using our app requires no log-ins or identity verification whatsoever. This allows us to better protect your privacy. And while we happily collect email addresses from folks who sign up for updates about our company and app, we NEVER correlate their email addresses to their value preferences or phone location data. That’s it. We keep it simple so your data stays safe. And so we can sleep at night.

Want more detailed information? Feel free to explore our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service.

Join the Movement

Money is power, and Nudge for Change wants to help you leverage yours wisely. Join us, and soon all our small purchases will add up to big change.

Stay in the loop about new features and big announcements

We’ll never share your email address, and we’ll only get in touch sparingly