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Nudge for Change makes it easy for users to #resist with their wallets. You can find out more about how it all works on our Mission and Scoring pages, or by downloading our press kit below.

The Nudge for Change press kit includes a press release, quotes from the CEO, Nudge for Change logos and app icons, and in-app screen shots.

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App warns when you're buying from immoral companies

...the app asks you to determine your principles and calls you on them before you besmirch your soul. You enter the parameters of your moral compass by swiping right or left, Tinder-style, on various selected issues. Meanwhile, the app has already scored a whole host of companies on a 1 to 10 scale of moral goodness.

By Chris Matyszczyk


Swipe right for ethical change

The majority (86 per cent) of consumer cohorts like Millennials and Generation Z encourage other people “to buy from socially and environmentally responsible companies”. As these younger generations grow up to become the most lucrative group of consumers, brands will simply have to respond to their ethical demands. For Millennials, Tinder changed their dating behaviour forever–perhaps Nudge for Change will do the same for their approach to ethical shopping.

By the Spark staff

Elite Daily

This App Makes It Easier To Protest Stores That Don’t Align With Your Values

Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always a simple task when it involves deciding where to spend your money. It is easy to forget that certain stores have trash morals when you’re in the middle of the brightly lit shop, listening to great house music, and you spot an affordable work dress that would go perfectly with the new shoes you bought last week.

By Marquaysa Battle

Logo News

Forget Tinder: A New App Lets You Swipe Right On Issues That Matter

The LGBT community has a spending power of approximately $917 billion, so collectively, we can make a huge difference by leveraging our rainbow dollars to support causes that affect our community. That’s where the app Nudge for Change comes in.

By NewNowNext Editors


3 Apps to Help You Make the World Better

As more and more people make decisions on where to spend money based on how that business moves and operates in a human world, it will become profitable to behave in a more human and humane way, is the ethos of the app. This app is pretty cool and is pretty realistic about a capitalist moral code being tied expressly to money.

By Ali Osworth


New App Won't Let Your Money Go to Companies You Disagree With

We're all passionate about something. Maybe it's the environment. Stopping poverty. Finding the best taco joint. Whatever your cause, the last thing we want is to support companies whose practices go against what we believe. After all, you can't trust someone who doesn't like tacos. So it can be difficult to know which companies to avoid; there are just too many doing too many shady things to keep track of.

By Jake Peterson


Nudge for Change Shows You Which Businesses Align with Your Morals

Nudge for Change is a new app described by its creators as "the backup for your moral compass." The app alerts you when you visit a business that doesn't agree with your morals. For example, if you care about the environment and step inside a restaurant with a poor environmental record Nudge for Change will tell you.

By Michael Hines


This is how technology can help you make more responsible decisions

One of the great trends among consumers at a global level is that we are increasingly demanding more transparency, especially in Latin America, where for years there has been systematic corruption. As buyers we are learning to be more selective about how and where we spend our money. We want organic food, make-up free of animal cruelty, socially conscious clothing and honest governments.

By Ale Higareda


App alerts consumers to brands with low ethical scores

Scores are based on research conducted by organizations that are experts in a particular field, helping the app provide quantities of vetted, valuable information in an easy to comprehend format. As well as alerting consumers to brands with a low score, the app also provides better ranked alternatives that are nearby, helping shoppers use their money to best effect.

By Springwise Editors

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